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New Front Brake Pads

Berglund Toyota is the premier Virginia dealer, providing high-quality services to residents in Lynchburg, VA, as well as Timberlake, Madison Heights, and Forest, VA. We work to ensure your experience is as fast and comfortable as we perform your vehicle maintenance needs.

Replacing Your Brake Pads

Your front brake pads are part of the disc brakes in your vehicle. First invented by Bertha Benz, brake pads are made of steel backing plates and friction material that faces the disc brake's rotor.

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How Often Do I Need to Check My Brake Pads?

Your brake pads wear down even with everyday use, but it is essential to have them checked every 5,000 miles. Our certified technicians offer the expertise to check and replace your brake pads when needed. You should schedule brake pad replacement for 50,000 miles, although that could vary depending on your vehicle's recommendations.

Why Front Brake Pad Replacement Is Important

You probably know that your brakes are essential, but why do the pads need to be replaced? There are a few reasons that wheel alignment is vital for cost savings, safety, and performance. Worn-out brake pads will squeal and shriek. They might pulsate or emanate a grinding noise. Beyond the annoyance factor, though, worn brake pads will take longer to stop the vehicle. It could become a safety issue, or it could cause damage to the rotors. Front brake pad replacement is part of your regular maintenance, but it is not something you can ignore or put off if you hear or feel issues. Notice that you need to get a Front Brake Pad Replacement when you hear grinding or squealing. You may also notice that the brake does not have as far for your foot to push, or that it takes longer for the vehicle to stop when you press the brake.

What Happens if I Drive on Bad Brake Pads?

Front Brake Pad Replacement is one of those issues that really cannot wait. When you bring the vehicle in for maintenance, we will keep you apprised about your brake pads' condition. You should be aware of what it feels like when the brake pads start to go bad, though. Even if you are not an aggressive driver with frequent and hard braking habits, you may need to replace your brake pads sooner than anticipated if others use your car.


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Berglund Toyota offers experienced and certified technicians to get the front brake pad replacement done for you. If you do not want to wait, we have a shuttle service and loaner vehicles available. If you're going to stay, we offer complimentary Wi-Fi and coffee service. Whether you have noticed strange noises when you brake or it just takes too long for your vehicle to stop, it is time to schedule your car for maintenance and repair. It is a quick and easy process to get your front brake pad replacement done for your vehicle, with all the brake parts you need. Our speedy and reliable service can help to prevent more severe issues down the road. So, call to schedule your appointment for a front brake pad replacement today!

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