Schedule Toyota Service in Lynchburg, VA

We are always on the lookout for new ways to introduce more convenience to our service process at Berglund Toyota. Online service scheduling is an opportunity of convenience for our customers because they can schedule a service appointment online from home at their convenience. When your Toyota is due for scheduled maintenance, recalls, or repairs, we invite you to schedule the appointment online. The online service scheduler features a digital assistant that will guide you through the process. Simply access the online service scheduler and follow the prompts given by the digital assistant.

All Toyota-Recommended Scheduled Service

All Maintenance & Repair Work

  • Diagnosing Warning Lights & Customer Concerns
  • Recalls
  • State Inspections

Scheduling an Appointment for the First Time

Using the online service scheduler is an easy process but requires some upfront information about the vehicle. For this, we recommend having the owner’s manual handy as a reference for accuracy because you will need to provide the vehicle’s make and model.

Schedule Routine Toyota Maintenance vs Repairs

If you want to schedule routine maintenance listed in the owner’s manual, you will select the express maintenance option for services like oil & filter changes, tire rotations, wheel balancing, battery replacement, and wiper blade replacement services. This helps to streamline the process and will ensure that your routine maintenance service gets completed as quickly and conveniently as possible.

For repairs and other maintenance services not found in the routine maintenance schedule, you will select Berglund Toyota Service for warning light diagnosis, recalls, state inspections, or any other concern. This is for more extensive services that cannot be completed at our express service department in Lynchburg, VA.

Our Digital Assistant Walks You Through

Our online service scheduling process at Berglund Toyota Lynchburg, VA includes a digital assistant that will walk you through the process. By following the prompts and selecting the correct response for you and your service, our digital assistant will guide you through every step to get your service scheduled.

  1. Vehicle - upon accessing the online appointment scheduler, you will select the make, year, model, trim, engine, transmission, dashboard codes, and mileage.
  2. Service – enter the service needed and the digital assistant will introduce services matching the words that you entered; select the service that you need from the list.
  3. Need a Ride? – choose the option that best describes how you plan to get to the appointment. Will you be waiting, dropping off the vehicle, or need a shuttle service?
  4. Appointment – choose the ideal day and time as well as your preferred advisor.
  5. Review and Schedule – review the final appointment details; if all looks good, click Schedule Now.